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Our on-line shop

Transactions on this site: If you transact any business with us or through this website, you will be asked to agree to our set of terms and conditions relating to that particular transaction before you can proceed. Unless so requested or otherwise indicated, then these Terms apply also to any such transaction or contract arising from that transaction.

Disputes: If for any reason a dispute arises in respect of the goods or services offered by us on this website or the conditions of their purchase or otherwise, then the laws of Australia shall apply to resolution or claims in relation to that dispute, irrespective of your location or place or residence or the place where the services are provided or the goods delivered.

Safe and Secure Shopping

Every time WH Annett Pty Ltd collects your personal information (such as your address, contact details), a secure connection via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is established with your web browser to ensure that your details are encrypted and securely communicated to us, safe from prying eyes or malicious threats.

Comprehensive security measures and access controls are in place to protect customer information collected and stored on our servers and systems, and ensure that these details are only accessible by authorised personnel for authorised reasons.

Legal Capacity

(1) You must be eighteen (18) years of age or over to purchase products from the website.

(2) Any order and/or purchase made by you using this website is an acknowledgement by you that you: – are over the age of eighteen (18) years;
– accept these terms;
– agree that you have entered into a legal contract with WH Annett Pty Ltd in relation to these terms;
– these terms, together with your order, constitute the entire agreement between you and WH Annett Pty Ltd for the supply of products.

WH Annett Pty Ltd reserves the right to take legal action and seek compensation from the parent or guardian of a minor who causes an order to be placed, for any loss or damage WH Annett Pty Ltd may suffer as a result of a transaction entered into by a minor.


Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the item cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any proposed Orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your Order.

You and WH Annett Pty Ltd may enter into a contract for the sale and supply of products by you making an offer via the website to purchase a product at the price advertised on the website by: – placing an electronic Order for the products using the website;
– you confirming the Order details in accordance with the procedure on the website;
– you making payment in full (plus any applicable delivery charges) on the website; and
– the acceptance of that offer by WH Annett Pty Ltd.

When entering into a sale contract via the website, you will be taken to have communicated your offer to purchase the product(s) only when: – any requirements set out in these terms have been met;
– the electronic instruction containing the offer from you enters and is recorded in our database
– a record is created and stored in our database; and
– WH Annett Pty Ltd receives in its account full payment from you for the product (including any applicable delivery and handling charges)  and confirmation of that payment is received by our database.

You acknowledge that: – the transmission of your offer or the confirmation of any payment, made through an electronic instruction may not be received by – WH Annett Pty Ltd for reasons beyond either parties’ reasonable control including but not limited to, electronic failure, mechanical, software,  computer, or telecommunications, or the omission or failure of third party website providers or systems;
  – to the extent permitted by law, WH Annett Pty Ltd is not liable to you in any way for any loss or damage at all and however caused, arising  directly or indirectly in connection with the transmission of an electronic instruction through the website, or any failure to receive an electronic  instruction for whatever reason;
– WH Annett Pty Ltd may act on and process all completed electronic instructions transmitted or issued through the website without further  consent from or reference to you; and  – WH Annett Pty Ltd may treat an electronic instruction as authentic and is under no obligation to investigate the authenticity or authority of  persons issuing or transmitting such electronic instructions, or to verify the accuracy and completeness of such electronic instructions.

If your Order is not accepted by WH Annett Pty Ltd, WH Annett. Pty Ltd will notify you by telephone or email and arrange for a full refund of any payment made by you to be processed.

WH Annett Pty Ltd may, in its sole and absolute discretion, accept or reject any offer made by you for any reason (or no reason), including an error in the advertised price for, or description of, the products on the website, or an error in your Order.

Any representations made about stock availabilities are accurate to the last known stock level and are subject to change. If WH Annett Pty Ltd cannot supply a particular product, WH Annett Pty will notify you by telephone or email as soon as possible.


Prices shown are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable. Prices may not include delivery and handling charges. Prices are subject to change.

Images of products shown without any advertised price beside that image are not offered for sale.

Unless otherwise stated, any accessories shown in any image of products are not included in the price.

We reserve the right to correct any errors published on the website.


All payments must be made in full prior to delivery.

Supply and Delivery

Subject to you complying with these Terms and acceptance of your Order by WH Annett Pty Ltd, WH Annett Pty Ltd will sell and supply the products to you as shown on your Order confirmation and will be delivered where you select to have your goods delivered to a specified address.

WH Annett Pty Ltd will endeavour to supply all items available. However, there may be unavoidable occasions when: – All or part of your order cannot be fulfilled immediately, or
– All or part of your order cannot be fulfilled at all.

Where part of an order cannot be fulfilled immediately, the part that can be supplied will be dispatched as soon as possible. Where part of your order cannot be fulfilled at all you will be advised as soon as possible by email, telephone or fax.

WH Annett Pty Ltd will endeavour to dispatch all orders within 1-2 working days of receiving the order and endeavour to deliver all orders within 3-7 business days from receipt of order.

WH Annett Pty Ltd cannot and will not accept responsibility for delivery failures or delays by our third party delivery contractor.

Credit card fraud

To the extent permitted by law, WH Annett Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any damages or consequential losses (whether direct or indirect) suffered by a user where a credit card account is fraudulently used or is used in an unauthorised manner.

Order Enquiries

If you have any query about the progress of your Order please contact the Customer Service Team at customer.service@annett.com.au.

Damaged or Faulty Products and Refund Policy

If any product ordered by you arrives damaged or is not of acceptable quality you may have: – rights under the Refund Policy;
– legal rights and remedies in Australia under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and other rights under other consumer laws applying in  each Australian State and Territory; and/or
– to have the product repaired or replaced or to receive a refund of the price paid by you for the product.

Please choose carefully as WH Annett Pty Ltd will generally not provide you with a refund or exchange simply because you changed your mind or the product was not what you expected.

If your Order arrives damaged, please contact the Customer Service Team at customer.service@annett.com.au